Saturday, May 22, 2010

RPG - A controversial thought

This post is a result of MMO Voices podcast 33.  Where there was a discussion about a comment from Bioware saying that J-RPG are not RPG. I'm going to take a different tack at this discussion and what I really think people are not considering is why we consider games like FFXII and ME2, Dragon Age RPG's at all? Some people say its story, some say character development, some say choices, I'm going to say that none of that matters.

What I'm mean is the name RPG stand Role Playing Game, and it means you are playing a role, and this really describes any type of game. Every game you play you are playing a role no matter what, in a FPS you could be playing the role of a terrorist or counter-terrorist like in Counter-Strike, in an RTS you take the role of a commander of an army, I could go on but it would all lead back to the same you are still playing a role.

I believe what most people are forgetting is what the G stands for, and that's Game, at the end of the day if your having fun does it really matter the type of game it is?


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