Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Is EQ2 Dying?

Now before you say I'm just bashing EQ2, let me explain my headline.

 Just before the new year we had some server merges, and some of those servers had a low population so I'm not arguing against them, now in January they announced another server merge, and thats Lucan D’Lere with Crushbone, a RP server merging with a nonRP server that has the second highest number of players after Antonia Bayle.

Now this move doesn't make a lot of scene to me, why do you want to increase the server load on a server that already has more than enough issues with lag? I play on Crushbone and see the lag issues first hand, and if SOE server population are to be believed, Crushbone has 252,013and Lucan D’Lere has 201,987 after the merger that would give Crushbone a population of 454,000 which would make it the largest population server.

So my first reason for my opinion is the server merges.

Next  up is the expansion. According to SOE the next expansion for EQ2 is set to be released on February  8, 2011, however I have yet to see any advertising, or anything at all that EQ2 has an expansion coming out. Even EQ had emails going out well over a month before the expansion was set to be released. We don't even know if it will be download only or a retail version.

So my second reason, no real advertising for the next expansion of EQ2.

Last but not least is EQ2X. The free to play version of EQ2 has been out for a few months, but nothing has been said on how well it's actually doing, no press releases saying we seen this large an increase in subscribers or a huge influx of money from microtransactions.

We've seen Turbine announce increases for both DDO and LOTRO but nothing from SOE, it sort of makes you wonder if the F2P wasn't that succesful after all?

So my third reason, no announcement from SOE on how well EQ2X is doing.

So there are my reasons I think EQ2 is dying, it may be a slow death, but EQ2 is unlikely to last as long as EQ.