Thursday, March 18, 2010

Steam is my Dealer, and an EQ 2 Rant

First Ill start off by saying that Steam has way to many sales during the holiday season and I picked up way to many games, also picked up a few thru D2D as well. So I have to say, to any blogger thats a gamer and managed to play and still write, your a better blogger than I.

But enough about what I've been up to, lets move on to the main part, and thats my EQ2 Rant.

EQ2 just released their sixth expansion "Sentinel's Fate" and I want to talk a little about it.

Now I'm a big fan of EQ2, I've played since the beta and played EQ since April of 99, and I have always enjoyed exploring, questing and leveling up my character. Now that the expansion is out and I've had a few days to play and I have really been enjoying it.

Now your saying to yourself, "I thought this was going to be a rant about EQ2, if your enjoying yourself why rant?". Well this rant is about EQ2 , just not the game, its about the players.

With the release of Sentinel's Fate the level cap was raised to 90 and more AA's, now some people have already gotten to level 90(myself included), and I have no problem with that. If you want to race to the level cap thats how you play. However don't immediately say that once you get to the cap, that there is no content and start complaining. In the few weeks that Sentinel's Fate has been out have you, ran every quest, defeated every named mob, cleared every dungeon grouped, x2 and x4? Have you explored the entire new continent, have you seen the changes to the old zones, have you maxed a crafting class, gotten all your AA's?

If your purpose is only to get to the level cap and than complain, I think you should cancel your account and move on, or shut up and stop complaining.
Also the expansion created a lt of new class changes. Now I know that that everyone won't agree with the changes and thats fair enough, and if you are going to complain, at least make it a rational complaint and be able to back it up with some research. If your just going to write "necros sux now" your just wasting everyones time. If you can post something something constructive and say why you think something is wrong with your character and have some data to back up your statement, a Dev may actually take a look at your info, but just saying your character sucks just wastes everyones time.

Personally I think that once people have gotten their max lvl and maxxed out their AA lines they will probably discover their character doesnt suck as much as they thought.


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