Monday, November 27, 2017

Everquest 2 - Planes of Prophecy

So as I write this the new Expansion for Everquest 2 called Planes of Prophecy is suppose to launch tomorrow November 28th.

This is the first expansion where I actually gave up on the beta test and I'll explain why.

The main issue I had with the beta is the grind, I have no problem doing repeatable quests when its my own choice to do them, I do have a problem when I have to grind them to advance the story and with having three different factions to grind after I got thru one, I just did not feel up to grinding thru the other two.

Next I found that the crafting quest series will be added later, while not a huge deal it does mean the only way to level a crafter to 110 is to grind writs. So this makes the expansion feel unfinished.

Lastly is the solo zones, once again your going to need to do a lot of gearing up depending on your class. I play a Ranger currently wearing T3 Raid Armor and I had to go and completely regear with the beta armor to even have a chance to survive. Now most people are going to say well of  course your going to need to regear this is a new expansion, to that I'm going to have to say that is true if the gear that was given to you during the quest lines was better than the gear you were already wearing. Most of the gear that dropped while running the zones was jewelry and the odd time a piece of armor, only it was never chain armor.

The other issue with the solo zones is that they feel to much like a grind and less like a dungeon, once I have gone thru the dungeon once I probably won't be back unless I need collection pieces.

Lastly is the fact you can't depend on your merc. I would strongly recommend carrying anything that can help you self heal because if you don't your most likely going to die.

Mercenaries were first added with the expansion Age of Discovery back in Dec 2011, in all that time they still haven't been able to come up with an ai fix that will actually make healer merc heal.

Hopefully some of the issues will be fixed before the expansion goes live, but right now I just can't get excited about the new expansion.


Thursday, October 19, 2017

EverQuest 2 - Planes of Prophecy

Hello to all my fellow EverQuest 2 players, with the shut down of EQ2 Wire there has been no place that has a rundown of the new expansion.

While I won't be able to do as fantastic job as Feldon did with EQ2Wire I am going to try.

I'll start with a breakdown of the Livestream and will add more information as I play thru the beta.

Tulvarus Elventree – Maj’Dul

Preorder / Beta  begins October 17th, 2017

    includes all previous expansions

Beta Rewards

Release Date - November 28, 2017

Live Stream Replay

Highlights from the Livestream

Level increase to 110 including Tradeskill

Ascension Levels will increase to 15 with new spells, no previous spells being replaced

Mercenaries can be leveled up to Level 10

Class abilities are being revamped

Certain weapons will now be able to gain levels as well

No prerequisites besides being level 100 are required for the expansions

Level 100 characters will be able to buy starting gear in the new starting zone

Clockwork illusion you receive with preorder includes stat buffs that stack will statue buffs from previous expansions.

First half of the video talks about items that are included in the collectors and premium editions

Crossbows have been added to the game, usable by all classes

Starting Zone - Plane of Magic (overland zone)

Valor's Roost - Entrance to the plane of Valor Hub for all the instances (Solo, Heroic, Raid)

Plane of Innovation - Dungeon

Sol Ro's Tower - Raid
    Sol Ro is the final Raid Boss Tier 4

Raid Zone all Tiers 1-4

1 Raid Zone is Tier 3 only

Overland all Solo Content

Solo and Duo Dungeons

3 Different competing factions with different quest lines

Epic 2.0 not required for 99% of content

Raids are Keyed, will need to kill certain bosses to progress

Thursday, March 9, 2017

I'm Back

It has been a while but lately I have wanted to get back into writing about games again. Well not only writing, now that I upgrade my internet to fiber I have also started streaming on Twitch.

RandomGamerX Twitch

At the moment is mostly going to be EQ2 and GuildWars2, but I hoping to add a number of other MMO's as I get use to streaming.

Will have a lot more to post this weekend.