Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Is It just me or does this seem pointless......

Last week the preorder for EverQuest II - Sentinel’s Fate was announced with 3 different versions availalbe: A Regular Edition for 39.99, a Colllectors edition for 69.99 and a digital version for 39.99.

Now I have no problems with the regular edition and collectors edition, and you know my thoughts on the digital download.

What bothers me is an item thats included in both box sets, and thats the $10.00 coupon for Digital Download at the Station Store.

You're probably asking yourself whats wrong with that, well i'll tell you. 

The last time I checked there were only 5 games availalbe for digital download, EQ, EQ2, SWG, Pirates of the Burning Sea and Vanguard. 

Now if your like me you probably played EQ, and if your care about this at all you probably play EQ2, and if your even more like me you may have even played the others, and even if you haven't bought them, you may have given their trials a go, and decided the game wasn't for you.

So for most people this coupon has no value, it also most likely will expire before the next expansion after Sentinel's Fate.

Now on the other hand if you could use it to buy LoN cards or Station Cash it would be usefully, but its just another piece of paper thats going into the recycle bin.