Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Everquest 2 - The Shadow Odyssey where for art thou

Well I'm back from holidays, Europe was fantastic and very nice in October.

Today's date is November 19, 2008 exactly one day after the launch of The Shadow Odyssey for Everquest 2.

Now I did what every addicted EQ2 player does, I preordered the expansion with my local EBGames (Gamestop for US readers). Now you would think preordering a game would guarantee you a copy for launch date. Unfortunately I live in Canada and either SOE or EBGames seem to treat the Canadian market like some backwards country, personally I think its SOE.
Now why you may ask do I say this, well the main reason is because I stil don't have my copy of TSO.

The reason I think it's SOE's fault is when I do a search on the the largest Canadian online retailers none of them even carry the game, Not BestBuy, Not Futureshop, Not even even thou you can get the game the US, UK, Germany, and France sites.

Now your probably going to say why didn't you preorder thru SOE for digital download? The reason for that is cost.
The game costs the same price if you by it retail or digital (which is stupid in my opinion, but that's a different blog post). Sure with digital there is the convince of having it right away but I would than be paying 39.99US for it instead of 39.99CND. If your like me you may have noticed the Canadian dollar has been dropping so instead of the game costing 39.99 it would cots me 48.00 and that's only if the credit card company give me the actually exchange rate, but that's unlikely.

That still does not change the fact that I can't find a copy of TSO in Canada.