Thursday, October 19, 2017

EverQuest 2 - Planes of Prophecy

Hello to all my fellow EverQuest 2 players, with the shut down of EQ2 Wire there has been no place that has a rundown of the new expansion.

While I won't be able to do as fantastic job as Feldon did with EQ2Wire I am going to try.

I'll start with a breakdown of the Livestream and will add more information as I play thru the beta.

Tulvarus Elventree – Maj’Dul

Preorder / Beta  begins October 17th, 2017

    includes all previous expansions

Beta Rewards

Release Date - November 28, 2017

Live Stream Replay

Highlights from the Livestream

Level increase to 110 including Tradeskill

Ascension Levels will increase to 15 with new spells, no previous spells being replaced

Mercenaries can be leveled up to Level 10

Class abilities are being revamped

Certain weapons will now be able to gain levels as well

No prerequisites besides being level 100 are required for the expansions

Level 100 characters will be able to buy starting gear in the new starting zone

Clockwork illusion you receive with preorder includes stat buffs that stack will statue buffs from previous expansions.

First half of the video talks about items that are included in the collectors and premium editions

Crossbows have been added to the game, usable by all classes

Starting Zone - Plane of Magic (overland zone)

Valor's Roost - Entrance to the plane of Valor Hub for all the instances (Solo, Heroic, Raid)

Plane of Innovation - Dungeon

Sol Ro's Tower - Raid
    Sol Ro is the final Raid Boss Tier 4

Raid Zone all Tiers 1-4

1 Raid Zone is Tier 3 only

Overland all Solo Content

Solo and Duo Dungeons

3 Different competing factions with different quest lines

Epic 2.0 not required for 99% of content

Raids are Keyed, will need to kill certain bosses to progress