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EverQuest 2 - Unfinished Stories Part 2d

Sorry for the delay in getting this post out, but during the Labour Day Weekend, I spent a lot of time grinding faction in the Hole and got burnt out with how things went that I just needed some time before I finished this post otherwise It would have turned into a mindless rant which is not want I want.

The quest series in the Hole does not really provide a lot of new information on the Roekillik even as you build up faction with the Caertaxian Legion it does not seem to go build upon any type of story.

You know the Caertaxian Legion are trying to escape from the Hole but are thwarted by the Erudites, which only makes sense if you consider the Roekillik in the Sundered Frontier are a different faction than those of the Caertaxian Legion.

In the raid version of the Hole called Underfoot Depths the Roekillik were almost wiped out by the elementals.

At this point we don't know much more about the Roekillik and what has become of them.

On May 31, 2011 Game Update 60 made the Ratonga a neutral Race and new book was released called Out of Necessity.

Out of Necessity

The Quaking had stopped. Those of us that were left took stock as well we could, searching for survivors, and try to regroup. It wasn't enough that we were still hunted by those that branded us traitors, now we had to contend with the terrible aftermath of the apocalyptic shaking. however, we had survived the wrath of our creator, and near genocide of our horrendous cousins - we were determined to survive this as well.

There was an unexpected benefit to the mighty earthquakes, which we only discovered later. cracks had emerged in the walls of the Underfoot, which opened to a new, mysterious place. Those that went through first and returned told stories of a world outside the tunnels, brilliantly bright, covered in new creatures and green plant life. It was daunting to imagine a place like that, but we recognized it as something important. It was a place to escape those that pursued us.

The light was blinding, and hot on our fur. The air was crisp, and full of smells we had never experienced before. It was open and spacious, which is something none of us were used to - it was hard not to feel exposed in vulnerable without the walls of the tunnels around us. It was difficult to get used to being outside like this, but we were quickly able to adapt, moving through the shadows to keep from being seen.

We were surprised to find civilizations living in this new environment, and we took some time to observe them. they seemed industrious, and even thought their cities were devastated, they banded together and began to rebuild. There were also some unique individuals among them, more powerful than the rest, who adventured thought the world, and possessed impressive power.

We knew that the Roekillik would stop at nothing to exterminate us, and ensure that their Dark agenda would come to pass. If there was any hope to stop them, we would need to employ powerful agents to stand against their plan, and these surface dwellers seemed to have the potential that might be needed. After debated among ourselves, we decided to approach them with our warnings.

We chose the city of Qeynos first. The people there seemed just and fair, and we believed they might be welcoming. A few of us were selected to emerge and speak with the people there. To our horror, we were very far off in our assessment of their nature. We were views as vermin, accused of being disease-infested, of sneaking about in the sewers, stealing what little food the city had. Some even attacked us outright. It was clear we were not welcome.

It was a long trek to the city of Freeport, the only other standing city we were able to find. It was more militaristic, being run under the direction of a single leader as opposed to a cooperative. Some of use were wary about speaking with these people, as if we were rejected once again, we might find ourselves once again under the sword of an oppressor. However, we reasoned it wasn't necessary to impress the population as much as it was to impress the one in charge.

A few of us were able to bypass the cities' defenses and enter the chambers of the leader himself. At first, he was quite angry that we intruded and ordered our emissaries imprisoned. After torturous days in the prisons of Freeport, an offer was made to our fellows. The leader, while upset, was still
impressed that we were able to bypass his security so easily. If we were to swear loyalty to him and become scouts for the city, he would spare us and allow us entry.

We attempted, as this point, to explain the danger possessed by the Roekillik, but the leadership of the city was uninterested in our warnings. Perhaps it was the immediacy of their current problems, or their own arrogance, but all we said fell on deaf ears. In the end, it was advantageous for us to remain here. Freeport offered protection and a home, and if the Roekillik were to emerge, they would make a suitable buffer between us and our ancient enemies.

Thus, we came to reside within the city... for now at least. There might come a time when the Roekillik return, and we must choose to flee, or try to rally the races of Norrath to stop them and their Dark Agenda. We will continue to hope that day never comes.

So now we know why the Ratonga ended up in Freeport and not Qenyos.

With Game update 62 released on Dec 6, 2011 Freeport was revamped and a Evil Ratonga Racial Quest was introduced. During the quest you find out that the Roekillik have managed to escape the Underfoot and are now operating in the city of Freeport. Ratonga are disappearing and than coming back changed. We also learn that the Roekillik are working on their Dark Agenda and this is part of the reason some of the Ratonga have moved to Qeynos. The Ratonga start spreading the word of the Roekillik return but they expect that word to go unheaded by the other races.

With Game update 64 released on July 24, 2012 Qeynos was revamped and a Good Ratonga Racial Quest was introduced. This quest has you looking to improve the image of the Ratonga currently living in the city and the early history of the city and the ratonga. During the quest you discover that even thou the Ratonga were initially rejected by the city some Ratonga stayed in the city because they felt a kinship with its citizens. You eventualy find out that the Ratonga that stayed were used as scouts by the Sydwen family who promised to represent them to the king, however the Sydwens kept delaying their promise and eventually the ratonga died out and their help was covered up.

So after four posts lets recap the history in point form.

The roekillik are created by Brell.

They are than almost wiped out and the survivors are imprisoned in the Vault of Serilis.

Brell than created the Ratonga with the help of Bristlebane and originally named them Roekillik as well.

The Ratonga were also imprisoned in the Vault for disobeying Brell

In the Vault the Roekillik almost wipe out the Ratonga and enslaved the survivors.

During the age of Blood some Erudites opened the Vaults and released the Ratonga into the Underfoot.

A schism occurred in the Ratonga race with one group staying loyal to their Roekillik masters and another group fleeing from them.

After the cataclysm when the gods left Norrath the Ratonga became citizens of Freeport after being rejected by Qeynos.

The Roekillik have returned to Norrath with the rediscovery of Odus.

Queen Antonia has recently allowed Ratonga to become citizens of Qeynos.

So there we have what we currently now of the history of the Ratonga but a few mysteries remain.

Who was Belaska?

Where do the Ratillik fit into this History?

What has happened to the Caertaxian Legion? Are they the ones operating in the vicinity of Freeoprt or is it another faction of Roekillik?

How far along are the Roekillik on their Dark Agenda?

These questions are just a small part of why the Ratonga are an unfinished story.


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