Thursday, July 22, 2010

Confesions of a single character player

Hello My name is RGX and I am a single character player.
My current game of choice is Everquest II, where I currently play a Half-Elf Ranger.
Who is currently at max lvl (90) with a Maxed Tradeskill (Woodworker) and Maxed AA's Points (250) Tinkering and Adorning is also maxed (450).
But I can't switch to playing an Alt.

I do have a lvl 82 Dirge Alt, that I built up when I had some friends rejoin the game, but since the expansion was released he has been sitting on the sidelines, and only bringing him out to work on crafting.

However I'm not bored.

Currently I'm working on working on going thru and working on slayer achievements, trying to get all the Destroyer titles, and when I don't feel like slaying gray mobs, I run sets of writs, run BG's, Gray quests, and completing other achievements. I also raid at least 2 nights a week in an alliance and spend a number of hours setting up my house in Halas.

While most players would start working on an Alt at this point, I spend my time trying to improve my Ranger to get as much DPS from him as possible, (hoping to release a DPS AA guide in the next few days),

While many rangers betrayed over to assassins, that's not for me, I intend to make my Ranger the best he can possible be.

Now you'll excuse me I have to get back to grinding faction in the Hole, those quests wont do themselves.


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