Saturday, August 23, 2008

EQ2 Drama

Everquest II, for people that don't know is a Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game otherwise know as a MMORPG or MMO. This means that there can be hundreds if not thousands of people are playing at the same time, while this can be great for meeting new people, this can bring its own problems.

When you get lots of people playing together everyone bring with them their own personality quirks. Normally its not a problem, but when it is, enter the drama.

Drama happens when someone forgets that they are playing a game and lets their personality get the better of them, whether its complaining about some loot drops, whether its complaining about people in your guild, or just throwing a fit. All it does make other players not want to group with you.

People seem to forget they are playing a game, when something happens that annoys you, you can either choose to ignore it, (the ignore command works great for people who spam the channels), or you can just log off and quit playing for awhile.

But yelling a people just doesn't do any good, an you will probably come to regret it after you've been banned from the game.


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